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KSTP-TV: Tours of Lakewood Cemetery’s Greenhouses Get a Big Response

On April 22, 2018, KSTP-TV ran a story about our annual Earth Day Celebration at Lakewood!

The story starts:

People gather outside the main office of Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis Sunday. Although these folks are not there to attend a funeral. Instead, they would rather take a tour of two greenhouses on the property.

“It’s the one time of the year to make our greenhouses open to the public, and it’s only the second time we’ve done it,” Katie Thornton of Lakewood Cemetery said.

Thornton is the tour guide, and the well-informed history buff at the cemetery. Thornton says this is the second year they’re having the tours; and they’ve gotten so popular, more tours were added to keep up with the demand. The tours go off every 30 minutes.

“I think people are really excited to one, even learn that Lakewood has a greenhouse operation,” she said.

Watch the full story at >

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