About Lakewood

A Place To Remember

Lakewood is a serene haven in the heart of Minneapolis’ renowned Chain of Lakes—a place to come together to honor, remember and reflect.

Since 1871, Lakewood’s 250 acres of urban parkland have served as a community gathering place and a chronicle of our region’s traditions, cultures and people.  A history keeper and a thought leader, Lakewood honors its roots as a landmark cemetery while reimagining its role in modern life.

Today, Lakewood is making memorialization more relevant, accessible and inviting for new audiences and generations—with more creativity and choices.  We’re sparking meaningful new conversations and sponsoring a variety of unique experiences and events that go far beyond what you’d expect from an institution like ours.

As a nonprofit organization, all funds generated are contributed to a trust fund that is used for preservation and enhancement of Lakewood’s natural and architectural treasures. 

We invite you to discover and explore Lakewood for yourself.

Lakewood’s Mission

We serve families and our community by offering commemorative services to honor, celebrate, and remember a loved one’s life in a place of beauty and solace.

Lakewood’s Core Values

WELCOME - We welcome the community to the beauty of Lakewood and serve families with honesty, integrity, and compassion. 

HONOR - We believe every life deserves to be remembered, commemorated and celebrated.

EXCELLENCE - As leaders in our profession, we achieve the highest standard in our service to families.

STEWARDSHIP - We are stewards of our landscape, our history, and the financial resources entrusted to us.

Guiding Principles Governing Cemetery Beauty & Quality
  • Active Cemetery

  • Haven in the City

  • Recognized Leader

  • Nonprofit

  • Open to all

  • Care of Grounds

  • Locally Owned & Operated

  • Solid Finance & Administration

  • Governed by a Board of Trustees

  • Essential Landscape Elements & Qualities

    • Tree canopy

    • Well-graded lawn

    • Landmark features

    • Gently curving roads

    • Great beauty & solace

    • Arboretum-like diversity

    • Contemplative spaces

    • Sanctuary for wildlife

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Memorial Property and Cremation Choices

With more than 250 acres, Lakewood will continue to provide memorial property and cremation choices for many years to come. As a nonprofit organization, all funds generated from sales at Lakewood are contributed to a trust fund that is used for the continual care of the cemetery. For more information, visit the cremation or memorial property sections of this site.

History, Art & Gardens

Lakewood’s park-like grounds have preserved the history of our community’s people, cultures and events since 1871. We have captured some of this history, as well as information about funerary art and architecture found at Lakewood, and we share it with the community in a variety of ways. Learn more in the tours and events and history and art sections of this site.

3600 Hennepin Ave.  Minneapolis, MN 55408  |  info@lakewoodcemetery.org

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