Lakewood's Bookstore

To purchase books, video, notecards and tour guides about Lakewood, stop by the Administration Building on the cemetery grounds. You may also order items by calling (612) 822-2171, or by sending us an email.

Lakewood’s History Book

Haven in the Heart of the City: A History of Lakewood Cemetery chronicles the evolution of Lakewood with 143 pages of historical information featuring more than 60 photographs of art, architecture and historic Minneapolis. Makes a great gift or coffee-table book.

Lakewood’s Video

This presentation, based on the book Haven in the Heart of the City: The History of Lakewood Cemetery chronicles the history of Lakewood with images of art, architecture and historic Minneapolis. DVD available.

Chapel Notecards

This set of 12 notecards and envelopes features photographs of mosaic artwork found in Lakewood’s historic chapel. Images include each of the red, yellow and blue angels, chapel dome, and the four muses: Love, Faith, Hope, Memory. Blank inside.

Self-Guided Walking Tour (PDF)

This tour takes you through 135 years of history, including the graves of many of Lakewood’s founders and popular politicians, memorials to community groups and more.

Chapel Visitor’s Guide (PDF)

Lakewood’s historic Memorial Chapel, built in 1910 and filled with more than 10 million hand-laid mosaic tiles, is a must-see architectural masterpiece. Stop by the Administration Building to ask if the chapel is available for you to view.

Memorial Symbolism Tour (PDF)

Lakewood is filled with memorial art and architecture that is rich in symbolism. Learn more using this self-guided tour brochure.

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