Burial Options

Since the beginning of time, humans have returned bodies to the earth in burials.  Indeed, for most of Lakewood’s 150-year history, this was the primary way of honoring the dead. 


Although cremation has become increasingly popular, burial continues to be chosen by many individuals and families to honor personal preferences or cultural and religious traditions.


At Lakewood, you can choose from picturesque plots located throughout our vast 250-acre memorial park—or have the casket permanently placed inside a crypt within one of our landmark architectural buildings.  Come in and let us show you the options so you can find just the right site or setting.

Explore all the ways and places to be remembered


Single, Double, and Family Lots


Lakewood Cemetery has more than 200 acres of traditional lots available in a variety of locations at various prices.

Single grave lots feature a bronze or granite marker with the name/dates of the person buried there. Family lots, sometimes called monument lots, may contain as few as two or three graves or several dozen. Each family lot has its own distinguishing monument, and markers may be placed at the gravesite of individual members.

Memorial Park Gardens


Instead of traditional upright monuments, memorial park grave markers are flush with the ground. Because each section features only one monument, memorial parks preserve the natural landscape.

At present, Lakewood has nine memorial park gardens. Their monuments cover a range of religious and secular themes. Individual lots are memorialized with custom markers or crypt doors specific to each garden.

Garden of Seasons


The Garden of Seasons was developed specially for lawn crypt interment. The Lakewood lawn crypt consists of a pre-installed two-tiered concrete crypt. The price of the lawn crypt includes a double, ledger-type bronze memorial. Double or single interment is available in lawn crypts.


Garden Mausoleum

Garden Mausoleum
Garden Mausoleum
Garden Mausoleum
Garden Mausoleum

Lakewood's Garden Mausoleum provides 879 crypts for casketed remains and 4620 niches for cremated remains in both an indoor and outdoor setting.  The Garden Mausoleum also includes a reception center that can be used for post-funeral gatherings and food provided by the licensed caterer of your choice.  The new mausoleum's contemporary design is abundant with natural light and rich materials of granite, marble and wood, as well artistic details like mosaics, bronze artwork and colored glass.


Memorial Mausoleum

Memorial Mausoleum
Memorial Mausoleum
Memorial Mausoleum
Memorial Mausoleum
Memorial MausoleumDSC_0004
Memorial Mausoleum

Lakewood’s Memorial Community Mausoleum is a comfortable, indoor option for year-round visiting. Designed in the Modernist-style, the building is a blend of enduring Minnesota granite, bronze and steel, decorated in Impressionist-style paintings, Italian marble, crystal chandeliers, mosaics and 24 large stained glass windows. The interior is a comfortable combination of warm wood paneling and tasteful furnishings.

The mausoleum contains more than 3,000 crypts in corridors or semi-private alcoves. Each crypt is a chamber that holds one or two caskets.

Garden Crypts


For those who choose above-ground entombment but prefer an outdoor setting, Lakewood's garden crypts offer a beautifully landscaped setting with views of the surrounding gardens. Each crypt features a granite exterior.


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