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Cecil Earl Newman
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Cecil Earl Newman

07/27/1903 – 02/07/1976


02/10/1976 (Entombment)


Gethsemane Window / By Hallway
Section 218 Lot 4 Grave D
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Cecil Newman was an African American newspaper publisher and businessman. He was born in Kansas City, the grandson of former slaves from Tennessee and Missouri. His father (Horatio Oscar Newman) worked as an attendant at a private white-owned and operated club. While a young boy, Newman sold papers to make extra change and worked in the office for the local Black newspaper, the Kansas City Call. Just before graduation from high school, Newman married Willa Coleman. After their first child (Oscar Horatio) w as born, his family moved to Minneapolis. There he worked as a Pullman porter and around 1927, he founded and wrote for the Twin Cities Herald.

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