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Floyd Bjerstjerne Olson
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Floyd Bjerstjerne Olson

11/13/1891 – 08/22/1936

Place of Death



08/26/1936 (Burial)


Section 18 Lot 113 Grave 2
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Floyd Bjørnstjerne Olson (November 13, 1891 – August 22, 1936). His parents were both emigrants, his father from Norway and his mother from Sweden. He was an American politician. He served as the 22nd Governor of Minnesota from January 6, 1931, to August 22, 1936, dying in office of stomach cancer. Olson was a member of the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party, and the first member of that party to win the office of governor. He is consistently considered one of the greatest governors in Minnesota history and one of the most influential American politicians of his era.

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