Deciding on cremation and how you’d like to be remembered are very personal choices. If you choose cremation, you may also want to consider how you wish to be memorialized. This section helps you understand your choices for cremation property at Lakewood. (For traditional burial or above-ground crypt entombment, please see our memorial property section.)

For cremation, you may want to consider:

Where to be Cremated

Some cemeteries, including Lakewood, operate crematories on site. Learn more about Lakewood's crematory.

A Place for Remembrance

Physical memorials provide a focal point for remembrance. Having one’s remains placed or buried at Lakewood ensures that future generations will have a place to go to remember — a place that will always be maintained and preserved. See cremation property choices.

Costs can Include

The cremation itself, an urn, a lot or niche, and an urn vault (if in-ground burial)

Plan Ahead for Loved Ones

Lakewood encourages you to consider making decisions in advance. Learn more about planning ahead.

Lakewood’s friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you understand all aspects of pre-need planning - from selecting property to choosing appropriate monuments, markers, vaults and other items.

Financing is Available

If eligible, you can choose to finance your purchases through Lakewood with no interest or carrying charges, so your purchases can be affordably budgeted over a number of years.

Because we are a nonprofit association, all proceeds from sales are used to maintain Lakewood’s grounds and facilities to keep Lakewood beautiful and well groomed year-round.

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