Choosing Cremation

Whether you are considering cremation for yourself or already have a loved one’s ashes in hand, Lakewood offers you a variety of ways to create your own personal, permanent remembrance.


We’ve created dedicated spaces within our spectacular grounds specifically for cremated remains—and have thoughtfully designed a variety of spaces where urns and ashes can be forever kept.


We invite you to explore all the meaningful ways you can choose cremation at Lakewood—and have a beautiful place for loved ones to gather, celebrate and remember for generations to come.


Explore all the ways and places to be remembered

Garden of Serenity

The Garden of Serenity includes two integrated cremation urns in a 12 inch deep granite surround as well as the bronze plaque for memorializing the individuals buried within the cremation unit.


Garden of Remembrance

The Garden of Remembrance is nestled in the beautiful hillside on the eastern side of the cemetery overlooking King’s Highway.  You have a choice of any two urns that the unit can accommodate as well as a bronze plaque memorializing the individuals buried within the cremation unit.



Memorial Columbarium Wall

The Memorial Columbarium Wall is nestled in the hillside along the northern boundary of the cemetery with a beautiful view to Lake Calhoun (Bde Maka Ska).  Recessed niches will accommodate up to two urns with name and dates inscribed on the granite shutter in remembrance of those entombed in the niche.


Garden Mausoleum

Lakewood's Garden Mausoleum provides 879 crypts for casketed remains and 4620 niches for cremated remains in both an indoor and outdoor setting.  The Garden Mausoleum also includes a reception center that can be used for post-funeral gatherings and food provided by the licensed caterer of your choice.  The new mausoleum's contemporary design is abundant with natural light and rich materials of granite, marble and wood, as well artistic details like mosaics, bronze artwork and colored glass.


Memorial Mausoleum

Lakewood’s Memorial Mausoleum is a comfortable, indoor option for year-round visiting. Designed in the Modernist-style, the building is a blend of enduring Minnesota granite, bronze and steel, decorated in Impressionist-style paintings, Italian marble, crystal chandeliers, mosaics and 24 large stained glass windows. The interior is a comfortable combination of warm wood paneling and tasteful furnishings. A chapel, featuring floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows, provides space for funeral services.

The mausoleum's contains seven columbarium rooms with more than 2,400 individual and family cremation niches faced with imported marble. It also features the Tree of Remembrance, a bronze tree sculpture with “leaves” that hold the names and dates of those whose remains were cremated and scattered elsewhere.


Memorial Chapel

The Memorial Chapel at Lakewood is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and serves as the architectural focal point of the cemetery. The building was designed by prominent Minneapolis architect Harry Wild Jones and was modeled after the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey.


Traditional Burial Lot

Cremated remains may be placed in a traditional burial site. This is an option if you or your family already owns property or desires a location in the cemetery reserved for traditional burial.


Memorial Wall

The Memoriam Wall is located inside Lakewood Cemetery's Garden Mausoleum. It features memorial plaques that can be inscribed with names and dates, in memory of those whose remains may be elsewhere.

Tree of Remembrance

Located in the lower level of Lakewood’s beautiful Memorial Mausoleum, the Tree of Remembrance is an artistic expression of memories. Its branches extend from a base and hold the names of more than 500 people on individual bronze plaques. Each name represents a leaf on the tree -- a life to be remembered.


Lakewood's Crematory

Many families want to gather at the time and place of cremation.  Lakewood is happy to accommodate in a dedicated space in the lower level of our Memorial Chapel that includes a licensed crematory with an adjacent viewing and sitting room for hosting memorial ceremonies.  Although we cannot directly receive the body after death, we can work closely with local funeral directors to ensure that the cremation happens at Lakewood. If you would like help locating a funeral director, call us at 612.822.2171

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Memorial Columbarium Niches

Memorial Columbarium Niches