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December 30, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Onsite at Tower Hill
$10 in advance | $15 at the door
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Grief is one of the heart’s natural response to loss—not just of a loved one, but of Self, of the earth, of expectations. When we grieve we allow ourselves to feel the truth of our pain, the measure of betrayal or tragedy in our life. By our willingness to mourn, we slowly acknowledge, integrate, and accept the truth of our losses. We have a tendency to hide our grief in this culture, but meditating on grief allows us to feel, process, and acknowledge or suffering.

Sometimes the best way to let go is to grieve.

Throughout this journey together, we will be guided in meditation as we reflect on our grief within this supportive and safe environment. A small altar will be created for all participants to place a memento that represents the person, idea, or anything that is being missed. Guide, Christin Ament, will walk us through the meditative process of holding our grief, honoring it, and offering space to let it go when our hearts are ready.

The grief we carry is part of the grief of the world. Hold it gently. Let it be honored. We do not have to keep it in anymore. Grief can be let go into the heart of compassion.

This event is part of the Lakewood Experience Series, a series of events and activities that are intended to encourage and support personal reflection and creative expression.

Your Guide

Christin Ament is a palliative care and hospice provider who has led meditations on death around the globe. She has studied with teachers from many wisdom traditions and brings a deeply grounded presence to this powerful practice.

What to Bring

  • A blanket, mat, or somethingto lay and sit on
  • A mask or facecovering
  • (optional) Water or a light snack ifneeded
  • (optional) Sunscreen
  • (optional) A memento or item thatrepresents or embodies grief. Please note that you will take your item home at the end of the event. We also ask that any pictures or paper be framed or weighted down. Stones will be provided to hold these down if needed. For the safety of your treasured item, we ask that any photos you bring be a photocopy and not the original.


This event will take place on beautiful Tower Hill at Lakewood. Located just southeast of the greenhouse this wide-open outdoor space allows for ample social distancing with a mix of sun and shade.

Covid-19 Safety Protocols and Precautions

We are offering the following safety precautions, in accordance with Minnesota State and CDC regulations, to ensure all those participating are safe:

Requiring that all guests space 6ft apart (unless you are participating with your current household)

Providing hand sanitizer, face masks, and sanitizing wipes at check-in tent

Though this event does not require you to wear a mask or face covering because it is entirely outdoors and attendance will be kept small, we encourage safety and promote wearing a mask if you are talking or interacting with other participants – please be respectful and wear your mask if it is requested by another participant

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