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Lakewood Experience Series

Midsummer Memory Mandalas

May 14 @ 12:00 am

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About this Event

Join us at Lakewood as we welcome internationally renowned earth artist Day Schildkret (@morningaltars) to experience the power of nature to express loss, celebrate life and transform grief into beauty.

Since the beginning of time, artists have made creations using materials found in nature, often as part of a reflective or contemplative practice. This “earth art” is typically impermanent and ephemeral — designed to return to the land from which it was sourced.

The event consists of two parts: • A large-scale earth art installation on Friday evening, July 16 • Two hands-on workshops on Saturday, July 17 (Tickets are not yet on sale)

Through both the installation and workshops, Day Schildkret will share Morning Altars, his 7-step practice of creating impermanent earth altars made from nature.

This is a rare opportunity to watch a large-scale public artwork in the making — and have your own meaningful experience.

Public Memory Mandala Installation Meet the artist, listen to his story and watch the giant memory mandala take shape.

Friday, July 16 | 4 – 8 p.m. Artist’s talk at 6 p.m. Live music | Free & open to the public

Lakewood’s 250 acres are filled with memorial markers, structures and sculptures built to pass the test of time. On Friday, July 16, we welcome the return of a beautiful new one-of-a-kind piece of earth art. Artist Day Schildkret will use natural materials he has gathered from the cemetery and its surroundings over the course of several days to create a large-scale tribute to love and loss, using a hands-on practice that combines mindfulness, creative expression and connection with nature.

You are invited to come and watch the creation take shape, talk to the artist as he works and perhaps get the chance to contribute an object to the composition.

Hands-on Mandala-Making Workshops Make your own memory mandala to honor someone you’ve lost.

Saturday, July 17 | Tickets, $35 

This is a hands-on workshop led by artist Day Schildkret, where you will learn the 7-step Morning Altar process to make beauty out of grief. We will explore and forage Lakewood’s grounds to collect leaves, flowers, stones, bark and feathers as creative materials and use the earth as our canvas. You will make—and deconstruct—your own memory mandala and leave with a practice you can do every day, no matter where you are.

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