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Lakewood Experience Series

Sitting with Grief: Healing Sound Bath

August 26 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Lakewood Cemetery
$10 in advance (plus taxes and fees) / $15 at the door
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Grief is one of the heart’s natural responses to loss—not just of a loved one, but of Self, of the earth, of expectations. When we grieve, we allow ourselves to feel the truth of our pain. In this culture, there is a tendency to hide our grief, but meditating on grief allows us to feel, process, and acknowledge our suffering.

Sound and vibration can be a powerful access point for engaging with the emotions and feelings associated with grief. It allows us to process and understand ideas and feelings that are often hidden beyond our logical minds.

Your hosts Bob and Thomasina Fisk will guide you through this powerful experience by creating an aural landscape, which will gently draw you into a deep stillness where you can more easily experience and navigate the feelings that are being held. 

What to bring

  • (optional) You are welcome to bring a pillow or blanket if that makes you more comfortable. We will be sitting in the pews of the chapel throughout this event.
  • (optional) You may bring a sealed water bottle. No other food or beverage is permitted in the chapel

About your instructors

Thomasina and Bob Fisk are mind body facilitators with backgrounds in personal development, meditation, yoga, breathwork, music and mental health. They have been called to the power of sound through first hand experience and training, both with the instruments and philosophies of this ancient and evolving wellness modality.

The Historic Lakewood Memorial Chapel

This event will take place in the beautiful and historic Lakewood Memorial Chapel. Completed in 1910, this Byzantine style mosaic chapel is it’s own work of art and the perfect place to hold this meaningful meditative ceremony. Click here to learn more about the history of this stunning building.

Signs will be posted directing you to the event location or click here for GPS navigation through Google Maps.


Parking (free) is available along roads near the chapel inside the cemetery. There is a Metro Transit bus stop just outside of Lakewood’s front gates at 36th & Hennepin Ave. It is within walking distance to the chapel (1-2 blocks). If you come by bicycle, you can lock your bike in the racks provided near the front gates.

Questions? Call the Lakewood events line at 612-540-5165 or email to

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