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Lakewood Garden Mausoleum
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Lakewood Garden Mausoleum Hallway
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Front Entrance of Garden Mausoleum

Garden Mausoleum & Reception Center​


Lakewood's new Garden Mausoleum and Reception Center provides additional options for families, including more than 900 crypts for caskets. Niches and crypts are located both indoors and outdoors (near the garden area). See images or watch a video of the Lakewood Garden Mausoleum.


An Exquisite Work of Art 

The new mausoleum's contemporary design is abundant with natural light and rich materials of granite, marble and wood, as well artistic details like mosaics, bronze artwork and colored glass. When you approach and enter this building, you'll know that time, care and consideration were taken to create it.

Contemplative Gardens 

Step outside its lower level doors to find a peaceful garden designed for contemplation. Along winding paths, you'll find benches and unique water features.

Receptions and Gatherings 

Inside, the Garden Mausoleum offers a chapel for funeral services and a reception room for family gatherings, including a catering kitchen. The reception area features a veranda with views of the garden area. Garden Mausoleum Reception Rules and Regulations.pdf

If you are interested in learning more about Lakewood's new Garden Mausoleum, please contact us at (612) 822-2171 or

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why did Lakewood build a new mausoleum? 
Several years ago, Lakewood developed a master plan for how to best use our resources to continue to offer cemetery property to families for many years to come. The new mausoleum is part of that plan. Lakewood's current Memorial Mausoleum offers niches for cremated remains, but they are almost all sold. The new Garden Mausoleum and Reception Center allows Lakewood to offer an additional 4,000 cremation niches, as well as almost 900 crypts for above-ground entombment. It also features space for services and family gatherings, including a committal room, reception room, family room and catering kitchen.

Will this new mausoleum overshadow or detract from the current mausoleum? 
The new mausoleum was carefully planned not to overshadow the current mausoleum. It has been built into the hillside adjacent to the current mausoleum, and blends with the landscape. In fact, the newly re-landscaped garden area, where the Pool of Reflections was, is an improvement, with walking paths and areas for sitting - something all of Lakewood's visitors can use, including visitors to the current mausoleum.

I already own property in the current mausoleum - can I change it for a niche in the new mausoleum? 
In most cases, yes. You may purchase a niche or crypt in the new mausoleum and receive, at a minimum, full credit of the amount paid for the niche or crypt being exchanged. If you wish to exchange a niche or crypt that is already occupied, arrangements can be made through the cemetery.

How can Lakewood afford to build this new mausoleum? 
Since the cemetery's founding in 1871, Lakewood's governing board has carefully managed Lakewood's finances. That includes placing an appropriate amount of funds in trust accounts for the ongoing care of the cemetery. It also includes setting aside funds over time for building a new mausoleum, as part of our master plan to maximize the use of space at the cemetery. In today's dollars, the cost to construct our existing mausoleum, which was completed in 1967, would be almost equal in cost to the new Garden Mausoleum.

Why did you choose a contemporary style instead of something more historic? 
All of Lakewood's buildings were built with the most current architectural style in mind. This includes the Lakewood Memorial Chapel, which is now historic, but was designed by a contemporary architect in 1910. Our current Memorial Mausoleum, built in 1967, reflects the Modernist style popular at that time.

Today's new Garden Mausoleum is no exception. The architect chose a contemporary look, but was also careful to consider the spiritually significant use of the space and its location within the cemetery. The Garden Mausoleum was designed to promote a sense of peace and calm, an environment conducive to contemplation and healing. The architect focused on three distinct elements to do this:

  • The first is natural light, evoking a sense of spirituality, warmth and comfort.

  • The second is beauty and craftsmanship. When you enter this building, you'll know that time, care and consideration were taken to build it.

  • And the third element is a connection to Lakewood's greatest asset - the landscape. The new mausoleum has been built into a hillside, with more than half of the square footage of the building nestled into the earth. Its intimate feeling allows the landscape to be the shining star.

The building's style is tied to Lakewood's other buildings through the use of materials including granite, marble, wood, and artistic features like mosaics, bronze artwork and colored glass.


What kind of property can I buy in the mausoleum? 
A mausoleum is a building specifically for above-ground entombments. The new Garden Mausoleum offers crypts for caskets, but the majority of the space consists of columbarium rooms, which hold niches for cremated remains.

If I choose cremation, do I need to buy a niche? 
Choosing how you'd like to be memorialized is a very personal choice. You are not required to purchase a niche or any other cemetery property for cremated remains. However, it's something to consider if you wish for all of your family and loved ones to have a permanent place to visit your memory. Consider making this purchase in advance so that your family will not need to make that decision at the time of death.

Is it expensive? 
Lakewood offers a variety of property choices at different price points. In addition, you have the option to purchase with interest-free financing over a period of years. That means you can buy at today's market rates and not pay interest while you make payments.

What else does the new mausoleum offer? 
The two-level Garden Mausoleum will feature space for committal services and family gatherings, including a chapel area, reception room, family room and catering kitchen. The catering kitchen is a new option at Lakewood. We are pleased to be able to offer this to our lot owners for funeral luncheons or related gatherings.

How can I buy property in the new mausoleum? 
Please contact Lakewood at (612) 822-2171 or We can show you what is available, take you on a tour of the new building and reserve space for you.

Do I have to buy anything if I set up an appointment? 
Your consultation is complimentary and at no obligation. If you chose not to make a purchase, you will still benefit by learning more about cemetery property and what's involved in such a purchase.

How can I learn more about Lakewood Cemetery? 
There are several ways to learn more about Lakewood:

  • Browse our website - starting with About Lakewood

  • Visit our bookstore - purchase our coffee-table style history book, chapel note cards or history of Lakewood DVD; you can also download free walking tour brochures

  • Join us for Memorial Day - we offer a traditional ceremony, tours of Lakewood's history, art and gardens, music concerts in our chapel, museum-style exhibits, and more

If you have more questions about Lakewood's new Garden Mausoleum, please contact us at (612) 822-2171 or

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