Administration Building 
Lakewood’s Administration Building is the first building you encounter after entering the cemetery through the entrance gates.

A columbarium is a vault or similar structure with compartments (niches) for urns containing cremated remains. A columbarium can be located within a mausoleum or it can be free standing, either indoors or outdoors.

The process of reducing the body to its basic elements by means of heat and evaporation.

Memorial property or columbarium niche that contains cremated remains.

A sealed chamber used for entombment of the body and located above ground.

Garden Crypt
A type of crypt that is located outdoors and above ground.

The process of placing remains into a below-ground burial site.

The placement of cremated remains into an urn, grave, crypt, or niche.

Lawn Crypt
A pre-installed, two-tiered concrete crypt placed below ground to hold two caskets.

One or more graves grouped together to form a family lot.

A granite or bronze stone slab that rests on top of a grave site to denote the person interred there.

A building constructed specifically to house above-ground entombments.

Mausoleum Crypt
A type of crypt that is situated above ground and inside of the Mausoleum.

Memorial Property
Lots used for interment in a cemetery.

An upright memorial that marks the location of a family lot.

A compartment in a columbarium (see above) where cremated remains are placed.

A bronze, stainless steel, or marble container used for the storage of cremated remains. Also used to describe an outdoor container for potted flowers or plants.

A burial or cremation vault is an outer burial container made of concrete or metal that helps prevent the ground from collapsing around a grave.

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