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A cemetery is a perpetual record of yesterday.
This is a Cemetery, author unknown

An Overview of Lakewood

Founded in 1871, Lakewood’s story begins with several New England-born business men and women who came to Minnesota in the late 1800s and helped build the city of Minneapolis. Progressive and enlightened, they envisioned Lakewood as a place for the city’s community members to be buried in a peaceful and beautiful setting.

Since its founding, Lakewood has become a keeper of some of this city’s treasures — its historical figures and events, art and architectural styles from the Victorian era (when it was founded), a park-like landscape, and people, communities and organizations from many cultures and walks of life.

Explore Lakewood's treasures in this section. For more information, including how to purchase Lakewood’s 143-page, full-color history book, visit the bookstore.

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