If A Death Has Occurred

We are here for you.

These are extraordinarily difficult times, and if you have lost a loved one recently, our heart goes out to you. Death is never easy, but current circumstances can make the experience even more challenging. Please allow us to be of service. 


Lakewood can work with the the funeral director you choose to offer cremation services and the possibility of being present leading up to a cremation — an intimate experience that can provide profound moments and closure. We also offer unique indoor and outdoor spaces and beautiful scattering locations for memorializing those who choose cremation.

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We can help you find the space that is right for you and your family. Choose a picturesque plot and custom-design an outdoor granite or bronze marker. Consider planning a larger celebration of life service for later, when more of your family and friends can come together.

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Regardless of what a loved one has chosen, there are many ways to record the details of their life and create a dedicated place where the memories of that individual can live on. When so much of modern life is digital, having beautiful places where we can go to feel physically closer to those who are gone — and to nature — can provide a comforting touchstone.

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What you can do right now

Putting energy into planning a meaningful celebration or ceremony can be therapeutic, and helps keep the conversation and memories alive. We can help provide support or inspiration to help get you started.

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Help During Time of Need

If you or someone you love is faced with a loss, Lakewood extends our deepest sympathies. You have a number of options for help:

Talk to us at Lakewood

Lakewood’s experienced and caring staff can help you understand what you need to do at this time. Please call us at (612) 822-2171.

Call a Funeral Director

Funeral directors are experienced advisors and provide many services you may need, including arranging funerals. Visit the Minnesota Funeral Directors Association website for help choosing a funeral director.

Consider Help from a Trusted Advisor or Grief Support Group

Many reputable groups and organizations offer help and advice for dealing with this very difficult time – including religious organizations, community centers, hospitals and online communities. See our grief resources page.



The number of things that must be taken care of at the time of a death can be overwhelming, especially for grieving family members. We've compiled a checklist of the most common needs. Lakewood and/or your funeral director can help you with most of these items.

Choices to Make
  • Cremation or traditional burial

  • Cemetery property (even if you choose cremation), including a monument or marker

  • A site for a ceremony

  • Casket (if traditional burial) or urn (if cremation)

  • Clothing

  • Flowers

  • Pallbearers

  • Music, and singers or musicians (for the ceremony)

  • Transportation to/from the service

  • Food/facility for gathering after the ceremony

People to Contact
  • Doctor or coroner

  • Funeral director

  • Cemetery

  • Clergy or place of worship

  • Relatives and friends

  • Employers of family members who’ll be absent from work

  • Insurance agents

  • Unions or fraternal organizations

  • Newspaper (obituary) - for help writing an obituary, visit http://www.obituarieshelp.org

  • Attorney, accountant and/or executor of the estate

  • City or county (death certificate)

Other Items to Consider
  • Write thank you cards

  • Prepare and sign necessary papers

  • Provide lodging for out-of-town guests

You may Need to Pay for:
  • Doctor and hospital bills

  • Funeral service, including florist, music and food

  • Cemetery property, including monument or marker

  • Cost of cremation (if applicable)

  • Clergy

  • Transportation

  • Newspaper obituary

  • Paperwork filing fees


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