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Lakewood's Landscape & Greenhouse

Lakewood’s Beautiful, Park-Like Grounds

Lakewood Cemetery is known for its landscape. Developed as a “garden” or “rural” cemetery, Lakewood has been carefully planned and developed since the 1870s. Eleven miles of wide, winding roads and an eight-acre lake were built by workers aided by horses and wagons decades ago.

Today, a grounds crew employed by Lakewood carefully grooms and maintains its 250 acres. The cemetery includes a large maintenance building that houses the mowers, trucks and construction vehicles needed to process interments and keep the grounds, as well as more than 125,000 monuments and markers, in excellent condition through each season.

We carefully manage trust funds to ensure that the grounds will be cared for in the tradition of excellence the community has come to expect from Lakewood.

Center Interior of Greenhouse
Side Interior of Greenhouse
Center Angled Interior Greenhouse
Side Interior of Greenhouse
Floral Arrangement

Lakewood’s Greenhouse


Lakewood maintains one of the largest cemetery greenhouse operations in the country. The greenhouse staff grows and plants more than 95,000 flowers each season. About 50 formal flower beds and 1,500 monument urns are planted by greenhouse staff each spring.

The design of the formal flower beds strongly reflect Lakewood's commitment to history. Most beds feature the same flowers year after year. In spring, red tulips are visible from either side of the front gate at the 36th Street entrance. In summer, Lakewood’s cannas decorate the entrance. Cuttings taken each season allow the greenhouse to propagate a variety of cannas no longer available anywhere else.

The greenhouse offers fresh floral bouquets, potted plants, Easter lilies, poinsettias, and evergreen wreaths according to the season. We can place flowers for you on an ongoing basis or just once. Learn more about our placement program.

Watch video: Greenhouse Operation, Then and Now


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