Lakewood Memorial Mausoleum Pool
Memorial Mausoleum Front
Stained Glass Window
Mausoleum Wall
Stained Glass Window
Stained Glass Window
Large Stained Glass Window
The Tree of Remembrance

The Lakewood Memorial Mausoleum

Constructed in 1965, the Memorial Mausoleum and Columbarium is a Modernist style structure designed by Detroit architects Harley, Ellington, Cowan & Stirton. Its 28,000 square foot interior is decorated with Impressionist paintings, Italian marble, crystal chandeliers, mosaics, and large stained glass windows. The stained glass windows enclosing its mahogany paneled chapel were created by Willet Stain Glass Studio in Philadelphia. This firm also created the mausoleum’s 24 eight foot-high stained glass windows, all of which illustrate Biblical verses and secular poetry.

The mausoleum accommodates 3,000 crypts in corridors or semi-private alcoves. There are also several Columbarium rooms with more than 2,400 individual and family niches for cremated remains. The Pool of Reflections and adjacent garden crypts connect the mausoleum and chapel areas.

In the lower level, the Tree of Remembrance occupies the end of the north corridor. The Tree of Remembrance features plaques with the names and dates of those whose remains were cremated and scattered.

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