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Memorialization Options

Although the selection of a memorial may be time-consuming and require some important decision-making, once it has been accomplished it will give you and the generations that follow much satisfaction. Permanent memorialization not only provides a lasting tribute to a loved one, but also gives peace of mind and a place of pilgrimage.

We encourage you to speak with a Lakewood staff member who can explain all of your options and answer your questions directly. We have provided some information here to help you prepare for that conversation.

Learn about upright monuments (for family-size lots).

Learn about markers, which provide name, birth and death

dates on an individual or double grave.

Other Options
Learn about other memorialization options available at Lakewood Cemetery.


About Monuments

Upright monuments are a lasting tribute to a family. Lakewood can help you choose a monument if you have purchased a lot that allows for one. We offer many types and designs, including customized designs.

What is a Monument Lot?
At Lakewood, monuments can be placed on double or family-size lots (two or more graves), depending on the location of the lot you choose in the cemetery. Only one central or family monument is allowed on a monument lot. Individual markers (with names and dates) may be placed at the grave sites of each family member within the lot.

Convenient and Affordable at Lakewood
Monument prices, which are quoted individually, include the inscription and the foundation and installation fee. Financing is available, and all proceeds from sales are used to maintain Lakewood’s grounds and facilities to keep Lakewood beautiful and well groomed year-round.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please call us at 612-822-2171 or, at no obligation



About Markers

A memorial marker lists the name, birth and death dates for the person buried in a grave. It provides a lasting link to departed loved ones - one that future generations can visit and remember. Lakewood offers a choice of granite or bronze markers in a variety of styles, or you can choose to have our skilled designers create a custom pattern for you. The photos on this page represent samples of just some of the markers we offer.

Care and Protection of Your Marker
Lakewood assumes responsibility for the quality, permanence and care of its markers. All proceeds from the sale of markers at Lakewood are used to maintain our grounds and facilities, so Lakewood continues to be a beautiful place to visit year-round.

Convenient and Affordable at Lakewood
Marker prices, which are quoted individually, include the cost of inscription and a fee for the foundation and installation. Financing is available.

The price of a standard, flat, 24" x 12" x 4" granite marker includes:

  1. Name(s)

  2. Dates of birth and death: month-day-year or years only

  3. Any standard emblems/design templates in Lakewood's Design Book

  4. Up to four words for an epitaph; Examples:

"In Loving Memory"; "Beloved Wife, Mother, Grandma"; "Gone But Not Forgotten"

Average time for marker production and installation is 8 weeks. Installation is weather dependent and typically occurs from May to November.

Please call us at 612-822-2171 or, to learn more at no obligation

Memoriam Wall
Tree of Remembrance
The Garden of Serenity

Other Options

Memoriam Wall

The Memoriam Wall is located inside Lakewood Cemetery's Garden Mausoleum. It features memorial plaques that can be inscribed with names and dates, in memory of those whose remains may be elsewhere.

Tree of Remembrance

Located in the lower level of Lakewood’s beautiful Memorial Mausoleum, the Tree of Remembrance is an artistic expression of memories. Its branches extend from a base and hold the names of more than 500 people on individual bronze plaques. Each name represents a leaf on the tree -- a life to be remembered.

Garden of Serenity

A permanent place of remembrance for family and friends. Nestled on the shore of Lakewood Cemetery's own private lake (Jo Pond), this spacious cremorial garden is a special place of unmatched beauty and serenity. It was developed especially for the permanent, granite containers which can accommodate two urns under a solid bronze marker.

Tasteful landscaping of flowers and shrubs enables the garden to blend in harmony with the natural beauty of the surrounding trees and grounds. And Lakewood's perpetual care is your assurance that The Garden of Serenity will forever be a special spot for quiet contemplation.

Choosing a Memorialization

Choosing the right type of memorialization is a personal decision. A specially-trained Lakewood counselor will be happy to discuss the various alternatives with those who have chosen cremation. Contact us at 612-822-2171, or

See our memorial property price list (PDF) for pricing. A Lakewood staff person can review options and costs with you. Please contact us at 612-822-2171 or to learn more, at no obligation




About Vases

Vases provide a perfect place for floral arrangements and are lasting and beautiful memorial tributes. Lakewood offers a selection of various vases.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please call us at 612-822-2171 or, at no obligation


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Tree of Remembrance

The Tree of Remembrance, featuring leaves engraved with the names of loved ones, sitting at the end of a hallway in Lakewood's Memorial Mausoleum