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Lakewood Experience Series

At Lakewood, we believe it’s time to take a fresh look into the ways we approach death and remembering.


The Lakewood Experience Series is a series of events and activities that offer a range of experiences connected to life’s most meaningful thresholds. These events are intended to encourage and support personal reflection and creative expression.


Spring Equinox Tea Ceremony and Grief Circle

Thursday, March 19 | 4:30 - 6 p.m. and 6:30 - 8 p.m.

Buy tickets, $35 >


Life is filled with transitions and losses, and grief often accompanies them. Yet little space is set aside to acknowledge and process this powerful emotion.

On this special threshold day, come experience a silent, meditative Tea Ceremony where grief is welcomed, in one of the most beautiful and sacred spaces in our city —  the Lakewood Memorial Chapel.


The Living Memory Tree

Many cultures have a tradition of tying pieces of cloth onto special trees to represent a message, blessing or prayer. These Wishing Trees, Peace Trees or Prayer Trees can be found in countries all around the world.


Lakewood’s Living Memory Tree is a new way for you to honor the memory of a loved one and express your sentiments in a creative way.


Ribbons are available in the main office at Lakewood (the first building when you enter the front gates). Learn more about this unique, modern community memorial.


Meditation on Embracing Death and Dying
In November, we brought people of all ages together to experience an ancient Eastern meditative practice that connected us to our own mortality while renewing our appreciation for this one precious life — in one of the most beautiful spaces in our city, the Lakewood Memorial Chapel. 


Midsummer Memory Mandalas

Last summer, we welcomed internationally renowned earth artist Day Schildkret (@morningaltars) to Lakewood to experience the power of nature to express loss, celebrate life and transform grief into beauty at our Midsummer Memory Mandalas event. The event consisted of two parts: A large-scale earth art installation and two hands-on creative workshops. Through both the installation and workshops, Day shared Morning Altars, his 7-step practice of creating impermanent earth altars made from nature. Learn more about this special art installation and workshops.


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