Learn @ Lakewood: Companions for the Transition - Understanding Options & Roles

Sunday, October 20, 2019 | 4 - 6 p.m.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this special event.

The end-of-life journey — and how we think about and prepare for it — is changing. And there are a host of new supporters helping us to navigate the uncharted waters of dying and death. From palliative care providers and hospice workers to death midwives, doulas and funeral celebrants, there are more resources to consider than ever before.

Join us as we discuss these emerging roles with a panel of experts from the field. Through open dialogue and ample time for Q&A, you will walk away with a better understanding of what kind of services and support are available to make the life-to-death transition more personal, peaceful and intentional.

Guest experts include:

  • Christin Ament, palliative care/hospice provider & death celebrant

  • Peter Bauck, PhD of Divinity

  • Paula Johns, hospice RN, death investigator and advanced directive guide

  • Amanda Meegan, palliative care, MD

  • Anne Murphy, celebrant, home vigil guide

  • Jane Whitlock, death midwife

About The Learn @ Lakewood Series Learn @ Lakewood is a series of events that explore topics associated with death, dying and remembering. These workshops and seminars invite diverse perspectives and shine fresh light on meaningful subjects that haven't always been easy to talk about.

Parking & location This free event will be held in the beautiful Garden Mausoleum's reception room. Parking is available along roads near the building. Use this map to find the Garden Mausoleum's location within the cemetery.


Call Lakewood at 612-822-2171 or send an email to info@lakewoodcemetery.org.

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