Midsummer Memory Mandalas Virtual Workshop

July 26, 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this virtual workshop! Be sure to tag Lakewood Cemetery and Morning Altars in any photos you share on Facebook or Instagram.

About the Event

Lakewood is pleased to welcome back internationally renowned earth artist Day Schildkret (@morningaltars) for this experience exploring the power of nature to express loss, celebrate life and transform grief into beauty.

After the success of last year’s event, we were anticipating that this year's Memory Mandala workshop would be bigger and better than ever, but unfortunately, due to the current restrictions on social distancing and travel we are unable to host a large-scale event onsite for the safety of our guests and community.

Instead, we are excited to offer this experience virtually so you can participate wherever you feel comfortable - at Lakewood or even from your own home! We are also fortunate that the virtual platform can accommodate more guests than the in-person workshop, which gives more of our community a chance to participate in this reflective, memorialization activity.

As we celebrate and remember last year’s event through these gorgeous photos, we are excited to bring our community this experience at a discounted rate of $30 per zoom registration to make this more accessible to the Lakewood community.

Virtual Mandala-Making Workshop Experience

Since the beginning of time, artists have made creations using materials found in nature, often as part of a reflective or contemplative practice. This “earth art” is typically impermanent and ephemeral — designed to return to the land from which it was sourced.

In this hands-on virtual workshop, you will learn the 7-step Morning Altar process to make your own Memory Mandala to honor someone that you lost. You will explore and forage your surroundings to collect leaves, flowers, berries, and more to use in the design of this art work. Artist Day Schildkret will be your guide in making—and deconstructing—a memory mandala, leaving you with a practice you can do every day, no matter where you are.

Due to restrictions on social distancing, and for the safety of our guests and community, this event will be held over Zoom.

You are welcome to bring a charged cell-phone or tablet and participate onsite at Lakewood, either at the grave of a loved one, or in one of our many open spaces. Designated areas with reliable cell-phone service will be provided on a map before the event, or Lakewood staff will be onsite day-of to help guide you to your chosen location. Please note that cell phone service may not be completely reliable in certain parts of Lakewood.

If you prefer to not be onsite at Lakewood you are welcome to participate from home or from a peaceful location of your choosing.

Agenda This is a five-part workshop alternating between Zoom screen time and hands-on independent creation:
  • First, we'll meet on Zoom for an introduction to the 7-Steps and a lesson from Day

  • Then we will leave the screens and go out to collect supplies for our altars

  • After gathering supplies we will return to Zoom for a brief walk-through

  • Then you will create your own earth Mandala and reflect independently on the process and your thoughts

  • Finally we will meet back up on Zoom to do a tour of the amazing altars and devote them to all those who we are grieving

Who Is Day?

Day Schildkret is internationally known for Morning Altars and has inspired tens of thousands of people of all ages across the globe to be awed with impermanent earth art. BuzzFeed calls Morning Altars a, “celebration of art and nature.” Morning Altars is igniting an international movement that renews and redeems our relationship to nature, creativity, grief and impermanence. With over 63k followers on Instagram, over 25k on Facebook and workshops and installations worldwide, Morning Altars is bringing ephemeral art to the collective human imagination.

Day is the author of Morning Altars: A 7-Step Practice to Nourish Your Spirit through Nature, Art and Ritual (The Countryman Press). His next book on rituals for life transitions will be published in 2021 by Tiller Press.

About the Book

Enter a handcrafted world where bright berries, faded leaves, lush flowers, and golden pinecones become endlessly captivating patterns in enchanting impermanent earth art.

Day Schildkret calls these striking creations Morning Altars. Making one involves placing materials from nature — berries, leaves, stones — in a circular or geometric design (or whatever shape feels right in that moment in time). Schildkret builds an altar every morning, photographing it to share with others on social media. The practice have been adapted by people worldwide who have shared back, sparking even more creativity.

Now, in his first book, Schildkret describes the seven steps of his method and shares more than 100 different altars, both his own and those of his students. Seen in all stages of existence, from their beginning to their departure back into the landscape, these altars serve as inspiration and encouragement. Morning Altars will awe readers with beauty, stories, and insight, as it offers a playful way to express gratitude, to practice mindfulness, and to feel connected with nature and beyond.


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