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About Lakewood 
Learn Lakewood’s mission and features.

Directions & Hours 
Directions, maps of the cemetery, parking and hours.

Answers to common questions about Lakewood, costs, cremation and memorial property.

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Search for a loved one’s location in the cemetery.

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Cremation Options

Cremation Choices & Prices
Your options for a place to be memorialized, where loved ones can visit.

Urns & Vaults
Lakewood can help you with these purchases.

Facilities for Services
Lakewood’s chapel and mausoleum are available for funeral services and other events.

Memorialization Options

Lakewood has many options for memorializing loved ones

Traditional Burial Options

Traditional Property Choices & Prices

Your options for a place to be memorialized, where loved ones can visit.

Monuments, Markers, & Vaults

Lakewood can help you with these purchases.

Visiting Lakewood
What you need to know when visiting Lakewood, including how to find a loved one’s grave, funeral services schedule, etiquette and decoration policies.

Funeral Service Schedule
Learn what time a funeral is taking place.

Mobile App

Lakewood's official mobile app

Rules and guidelines for visiting Lakewood.

Decoration Policy
Lakewood’s policy for flowers and decorations.

Tours & Events

Memorial Day
Information about our annual Memorial Day program and activities.

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Tours & PresentationLakewood offers various tours and its history presentation free to the public.

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Historical exhibits at Lakewood.

Information about weddings at Lakewood.


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Price Lists

Lakewood’s general price list and memorial property price list.

Flower Shop

Have flowers placed for you once or on a regular basis.

How to find more information about Lakewood.

Online Store

Browse Lakewood's available online products

History & Art 

History and Founders
How Lakewood was founded

Famous Memorials

Famous memorials at Lakewood

Garden Mausoleum

Lakewood's garden mausoleum and reception center

Memorial Mausoleum

About Lakewood’s modernist-style mausoleum and columbarium.

About Lakewood’s historic, Byzantine-style chapel.


Learn about Lakewood’s crematory.

Monument Art & Symbolism 
About monument art styles and symbolism.

Landscape & Gardens
About Lakewood’s 250-acre park-like setting.



Stay updated on Lakewood news and events


Resources for researching family and local history.

Grief Resources

Suggested resources for help with grief.

Plan Ahead 
Information and resources to help you plan ahead.

Time of Need 
Information about what to do when a loved one has died .


Definitions of common terms used by cemeteries.

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