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The number of things that must be taken care of at the time of a death can be overwhelming, especially for grieving family members. We've compiled a checklist of the most common needs. Lakewood and/or your funeral director can help you with most of these items.

Choices to Make
  • Cremation or traditional burial

  • Cemetery property (even if you choose cremation), including a monument or marker

  • A site for a ceremony

  • Casket (if traditional burial) or urn (if cremation)

  • Clothing

  • Flowers

  • Pallbearers

  • Music, and singers or musicians (for the ceremony)

  • Transportation to/from the service

  • Food/facility for gathering after the ceremony

People to Contact
  • Doctor or coroner

  • Funeral director

  • Cemetery

  • Clergy or place of worship

  • Relatives and friends

  • Employers of family members who’ll be absent from work

  • Insurance agents

  • Unions or fraternal organizations

  • Newspaper (obituary) - for help writing an obituary, visit http://www.obituarieshelp.org

  • Attorney, accountant and/or executor of the estate

  • City or county (death certificate)

Other Items to Consider
  • Write thank you cards

  • Prepare and sign necessary papers

  • Provide lodging for out-of-town guests

You may Need to Pay for:
  • Doctor and hospital bills

  • Funeral service, including florist, music and food

  • Cemetery property, including monument or marker

  • Cost of cremation (if applicable)

  • Clergy

  • Transportation

  • Newspaper obituary

  • Paperwork filing fees

Time of Need

Help During Time of Need

If you or someone you love is faced with a loss, Lakewood extends our deepest sympathies. You have a number of options for help:

Talk to us at Lakewood

Lakewood’s experienced and caring staff can help you understand what you need to do at this time. Please call us at (612) 822-2171.

Call a Funeral Director

Funeral directors are experienced advisors and provide many services you may need, including arranging funerals. Visit the Minnesota Funeral Directors Association website for help choosing a funeral director.

Consider Help from a Trusted Advisor or Grief Support Group

Many reputable groups and organizations offer help and advice for dealing with this very difficult time – including religious organizations, community centers, hospitals and online communities. See our grief resources page.