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Lakewood is rich with natural beauty, history, art and architecture, and we usually offer a variety of public tours of Lakewood throughout the spring, summer and fall each year.

Update: Due to Covid-19, we are not able to offer public tours at this time, but you are welcome to pick up a self-guided tour brochure in the Administration Building (our office) or download a version from this web page (see below). 

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Guided Tours for the Public

We typically offer several events throughout the year that include guided tours of Lakewood. Check out our upcoming events page for more, or watch our chapel tour, greenhouse tour or aerial tour videos.

Self-Guided Tours

Self-Guided Walking Tour (PDF)

This tour takes you through almost 150 years of history, including the graves of many of Lakewood’s founders, popular politicians, memorials to community groups and more.

Historic Chapel Tour (PDF)

Built in 1910, Lakewood’s historic Memorial Chapel is a must-see architectural masterpiece. Note: The chapel is temporarily closed for the health and safety or our staff and guests. We look forward to opening it again.

Self-Guided Memorial Symbolism Tour (PDF)

Lakewood is filled with memorial art and architecture that is rich in symbolism.

Community Requests and Small Groups

Though we are unable to do these now, guided tours of Lakewood can usually be arranged for small groups  throughout the year. We also hope to be able to allow the use of Lakewood’s grounds and buildings for special services, classes or other events again in the future.


Our exhibits are currently closed, but we hope to reopen them again soon.

Lakewood Memorial Chapel: 1910 to Today

Learn why many believe Lakewood’s historic chapel contains the finest example of Byzantine mosaic art in the United States. Follow the creation of the chapel through correspondence among Minneapolis architect Harry Wild Jones, New York interior designer Charles Lamb and Lakewood’s board members between 1908 and 1910. See photos, blueprints and more.

Read more about the chapel.

Lakewood History Exhibit

Located along the corridor walls between the chapel exhibit and the new cremation viewing room, the Lakewood History Exhibit reveals the different aspects of Lakewood that make it a community treasure - including its place in Minneapolis history, its artistic treasures, the cultures and groups represented here, its gardens and landscape, and changing traditions.

Read more about Lakewood's History.

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The Lakewood Chapel

Front exterior view of Lakewood's Chapel