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150 Trees for 150 Years  |  Help us restore our urban forest

Help us preserve this local and national treasure.

Since 1871, Lakewood has been a proud part of Minneapolis history and is recognized nationally as one of the most beautiful cemeteries in America. As a public, nondenominational nonprofit organization, Lakewood is committed to serving and supporting Minnesota families and the community at large in a multitude of ways.

The Lakewood Heritage Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization created to sustain this local treasure by supporting educational programming and the preservation and restoration of Lakewood’s landscape, art, architecture and public spaces—for the benefit of all.

Donate Now

We invite you to show your support by making a contribution so that Lakewood can continue to be a resource for generations to come. Any amount is appreciated!

Help us restore our urban forest

Your gift will help us replace the 700+ trees we’ve lost to the deadly emerald ash borer and create a more resilient, biodiverse woodland.  Our master plan calls for the addition of more than 25 types of trees over the next few years, and with your help, we can make that happen.


Purpose & Mission

The Lakewood Heritage Foundation helps fund programs and projects that fall into one of three main areas.

  1. To educate the community about the history of Minneapolis and Lakewood’s part
    Lakewood’s history parallels that of Minneapolis, and the cemetery both honors and reflects the individuals, events and cultures that have shaped this community over time. The Lakewood Heritage Foundation helps fund the production of educational materials and special events, tours and programs that educate schoolchildren and the public about these important topics.
  2. To preserve Lakewood’s natural landscape and setting
    Lakewood’s 250 acres are teeming with wildlife and vegetation, cultivated and native, and form a unique urban ecosystem that requires diligent care and tending. The Lakewood Heritage Foundation helps provide resources for the preservation and restoration of Lakewood’s natural resources, including its landscape, trees, gardens and lake. Funding will help ensure that future generations will have access to this amazing green space in the heart of Minneapolis.
  3. To restore and preserve historical monuments and buildings
    Lakewood is home to an exquisite collection of monument art and a variety of historic structures, from the greenhouses to the historic Memorial Chapel. These buildings and sculptures chronicle the story of our beloved city, including its citizens, customs and traditions. Funding provided by the Heritage Foundation will allow the cemetery to be proactive in preserving and restoring these structures over time.

Learn more about the Lakewood Heritage Foundation or how to include Lakewood in your charitable giving plans.

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