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Flowers On Jo Pond

A Place for All

For the past 150 years, Lakewood has held reverent space for the lives and legacies of thousands of citizens from all walks of life. Our 250 acres of park-like grounds are a fascinating chronicle of local cultures and traditions—a place where countless families have come to honor, remember and reflect in ways that are uniquely personal to them.

A history keeper and a thought leader, Lakewood honors its roots as a landmark cemetery while reimagining its role in modern life. By embracing a bold vision and a comprehensive strategic plan, Lakewood is developing a robust array of new offerings. We’re sparking meaningful new conversations and sponsoring a variety of unique experiences and events that go far beyond what you would expect from an institution like ours.

At a time when cemeteries across the country are being challenged by disruptive market forces and major societal shifts, Lakewood remains not just sustainable, but more vibrant and dynamic than ever. As a nonprofit organization overseen by a board of trustees, financial stewardship is paramount—proceeds generated are contributed to a trust fund that is used for preservation and enhancement of Lakewood’s natural and architectural treasures.

Our Vision

Lakewood will be recognized as a local treasure and industry pioneer who reimagined the role of a cemetery in modern life… and made memorialization more relevant, accessible and inviting for new audiences and generations.

Our Mission

We serve families and our community by offering commemorative services to honor, celebrate, and remember a loved one’s life in a place of beauty and solace.

Our Core Values

  • WELCOME – We welcome the community to the beauty of Lakewood and serve families with honesty, integrity, and compassion.
  • HONOR – We believe every life deserves to be remembered, commemorated and celebrated.
  • EXCELLENCE – As leaders in our profession, we achieve the highest standard in our service to families.
  • STEWARDSHIP – We are stewards of our landscape, our history, and the financial resources entrusted to us.

The importance of memorialization

At Lakewood, memorialization refers to all the ways that a specific life can be honored, in perpetuity, on our grounds. It typically means marking the dates of birth and death and the name of the individual so that future generations can see—and remember—who and what has been lost.

Memorialization can be as simple as an engraved plate or as elaborate as a giant monument. It can mark the spot of ashes or a casket or can evoke the presence of an individual who was put to rest someplace else.

When ashes are scattered in water or the wind, for example, or rest in an urn on a shelf, there is often no special space for loved ones to return to… no physical place that the life has been marked. Memorializing the details of each human life helps us remember their place in history—and our hearts.

Do you value history, beauty and nature? 

The Lakewood Heritage Foundation  is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that funds the preservation and restoration of our landscape, art, architecture and public spaces, and helps make our educational programming more accessible.

We welcome donations from anyone interested in maintaining this precious place—for the benefit of all.

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