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If you’re planning a visit to Lakewood this winter, please take extra care when roads are icy.
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We’re here for you.

Lakewood has the most extraordinary grounds and facilities in the Midwest. Our intention is to offer you personal service at the same high level.

Our goal as a Family Services team is to support and empower you. We’re here to help you:

  • Thoughtfully weigh choices like burial and cremation
  • Give you ideas about ways to memorialize a life more meaningfully and permanently
  • Make decisions that reflect your priorities and values—at all steps
  • Offer options that honor cultures, legacies and lives
  • Support you without pressure, our recommendations are never motivated by price or urgency

Meet our team below — we would be honored to support you.

Abby Entrikin

Family Services Advisor

Abby is passionate about helping families make choices at Lakewood that bring comfort and connectedness to their loved ones. She loves sharing the beauty and history of Lakewood, and it’s important to her that everyone is welcome at Lakewood, no matter their financial situation, beliefs or worldview.

Lakewood is personally special to Abby because her own family is here. Her great-great grandmother was the first in her family to be buried at Lakewood in 1922, and she plans to be the fifth generation of her family here someday.

Prior to Lakewood, Abby worked in the Twin Cities as a licensed funeral director for 13 years, after earning her Bachelor of Science degree in mortuary science from the University of Minnesota.

You can reach Abby via email or by calling 612-822-2171.

Seth Kaltwasser

Family Services Advisor

Seth has a passion for helping individuals and families make meaningful choices at Lakewood that will be celebrated for generations to come. He works closely with families to ensure their choices truly honor and celebrate their priceless legacies.

With more than 10 years in nonprofit fundraising and arts management, Seth sees the value of legacy. He loves and is inspired by the robust local history that fills Lakewood, and the countless new and touching stories that every family adds to the diversity of Lakewood’s community.

You can reach Seth via email or by calling 612-822-2171.

Linda Slattery

Family Services Advisor

After almost 20 years of helping families make choices at Lakewood, Linda’s thoughtful guidance, deep knowledge and gentle nature have helped many families feel comfortable and cared for during what is often an emotional process.

Linda became licensed in advanced funeral and cemetery planning in 1994 and joined Lakewood in 2001. She fell in love with the tranquil beauty and history of Lakewood when she chose her own space at Lakewood with her husband a few years before she began working here. Linda feels it’s an honor and takes great pride in helping families do the same.

You can reach Linda via email or by calling 612-822-2171.

Joelle Skjei

Memorialization Specialist

Joelle brings a warm, caring and creative spirit to her role in helping families create comforting and meaningful touchstones at Lakewood. Choosing a memorial site marker, monument, or engraving, for example, can be an emotional and personal choice — one that Joelle guides families in making so that they can honor their loved one in the most meaningful way possible.

With more than 14 years of experience supporting grieving families in end-of-life care, Joelle loves Lakewood’s beauty and history. She feels honored to be part of a caring team of advisors at Lakewood who are truly devoted to providing the best for families.

You can reach Joelle, via email or by calling 612-822-2171.

Kelly Leahy

Director of Family Services

Kelly leads the Family Services team in offering warm and professional end-of-life planning and care to families and individuals. She also co-leads the development of meaningful memorialization choices, services, and experiences at Lakewood.

She developed a passion for helping families navigate the end-of-life journey early in her career. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, she came to Minnesota to earn a second Bachelor of Science degree in mortuary science from the University of Minnesota. She then worked as a licensed funeral director for almost 12 years before joining Lakewood as a Family Services advisor in 2015. In 2019, she became Director of Family Services and a member of Lakewood’s leadership team.

Kelly absolutely loves Lakewood’s natural beauty and historical significance. She lives nearby, and was married in Lakewood’s historic chapel.

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