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Visiting Rules and Decoration Policies

Lakewood’s visiting rules and memorial site decoration policies are designed to consider everyone’s safety and visiting experience. We appreciate your help in keeping Lakewood naturally beautiful, and we thank you for respecting and following our rules during your visit.

Grave Decorations

Lakewood permits fresh-cut florals and wreaths.

  • Please bring only fresh-cut flowers and seasonal evergreen wreaths to be placed at graves.
  • Please feel free to use our complimentary green flower vases for fresh flowers at graves.
  • You may lay fresh flowers at a grave, but please remove any plastic wrapping.
  • Glass jars and other breakable containers are not permitted at graves.
  • We do not permit artificial flowers or plants.

Potted plants are permitted only on Memorial Day weekend.

  • Potted plants will be removed the following week.  

Wreaths permitted beginning early-to-mid-November.

  • Wreaths will be removed at the cemetery’s discretion, sometime after the winter holiday season.

Types of decorations not permitted:

  • Artificial plants
  • Flowers or decorations including silk arrangements
  • Glass jars or other breakable containers 
  • Non-floral standalone decorations:
    • Balloons
    • Pin wheels
    • Shepherd’s hooks
    • Christmas trees over 18” tall
    • Holiday placards
    • Photographs
    • Trinkets
    • Statues
    • Garden or stepping stones
  • Monument saddles or any other attachments to markers or monuments

Mausoleum Decorations

Lakewood permits fresh flower bouquets in a vase.

  • Please bring fresh flower bouquets in a vase, which may be glass, placed in designated areas inside of our mausoleums.
  • We do not permit artificial flowers or plants (see below).  

Lakewood permits potted flowering plants on special occasions.

  • You are welcome to place flowering potted plants on special holidays such as Memorial Day, religious holidays, birthdays or anniversaries. Please place them on a plate or tray to catch any water that might spill. Items may be removed after five days. Lakewood is not responsible for watering or care of placed flowers/plants.  

Lakewood permits cards and notes to be placed indoors.

  • You may place a card or letter to a loved one on designated tables or stands. (Please note that these items may be removed after five days.) 

Please place all items on the tables and stands provided.

  • Do not place items on the floor or anywhere except the designated tables and stands. Do not attach decorations to crypt or niche doors.  

Types of decorations not permitted:

  • Non-blooming house plants
  • Artificial plants or flowers, or dried flowers or wreaths inside the mausoleums
  • Balloons
  • Trinkets and other non-floral objects (other than cards or letters)
  • Monument saddles or any other attachments to mausoleum crypt fronts
  • Please do not use tape, glue, or any other substance to attach or affix items to walls, niches or crypts


  • Bikes are permitted only when traveling to and from a grave or building.
  • Recreational biking is not allowed.  Please lock your bicycle in the stand provided near the front gates.
  • Please use caution – our roads are not like city streets; there are no stop signs or traffic signals; people driving in the cemetery can be distracted.
  • Yield to all cemetery vehicles.  They are working to serve families and keep Lakewood beautiful.

Dog Walking and Pets

  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed onsite.
  • Service animals are permitted.  

Driving and Parking

  • You may park anywhere along the roads inside Lakewood (unless specified as no parking).  
  • Do not park or drive on the grass. 
  • Please drive slowly and yield to or avoid cemetery vehicles, funeral processions, graveside services and visitors walking on the roads.  
  • Accessible parking is available near buildings and at larger community events, such as Memorial Day or our Lantern Lighting Celebration.   

Exercise and Recreational Activity

  • Walking is encouraged at Lakewood, as long as you avoid disrupting or walking near funerals and graveside services.
  • Quiet jogging is permitted only when funerals are not taking place – please check the funeral schedule.
  • Walkers and joggers must be fully clothed (shirt and shoes required). 
  • No other type of exercise or recreational activity is allowed. 
  • Yield to cemetery vehicles and funeral processions. 
  • Please take care in the winter as roads may be slippery. 

Music and Loud Noise

  • Please keep voices at a respectful volume.
  • Loud music and personal external speakers are not permitted.


  • You are welcome to take photographs at Lakewood for personal use only.
  • We generally do not permit photography for commercial use, unless it has been arranged as part of a funeral/service or a sanctioned Lakewood community event.
  • For nonprofit or other types of photography, please request permission by sending an email to

Picnics and Gatherings

  • Small picnics are permitted either when visiting a loved one’s grave (someone you knew) or in one of our open areas (with no graves).
  • Please do not picnic on the graves of people you did not personally know, including well-known or historic figures.
  • Grills, open flames, alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted. 
  • Tables, tents and other party rentals/equipment are not allowed other than for a scheduled funeral service or Lakewood-sanctioned event. 
  • Do not litter. Pick up all waste before leaving the area. Waste receptacles are available near the front entrance.

Plants and Wildlife

  • Many animals and unique plant species live here at Lakewood.
  • Please do not feed or disturb wildlife, including songbirds, ducks, geese, deer, turkeys and fox.
  • Fishing, hunting or trapping wildlife is strictly prohibited. 
  • Do not pick flowers or remove/disturb plants, shrubs or trees. 

Smoking and Alcohol

  • We do not allow smoking or vaping anywhere at Lakewood.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the grounds.

Need more information?
Email us or call (612) 822-2171.

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