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Choosing Cremation

Lakewood offers a variety of ways to create a personal, permanent remembrance for those who choose cremation.

We’ve created dedicated spaces within our spectacular grounds specifically for cremated remains—and have thoughtfully designed a variety of spaces where urns and ashes can be forever kept.

We invite you to explore all the meaningful ways you can choose cremation at Lakewood—and have a beautiful place for loved ones to gather, celebrate and remember for generations to come.

Our Crematory and Cremation Witnessing

Lakewood operates a crematory on its grounds, and offers families the option to have a cremation take place at Lakewood.

Many families choose to gather at the time and place of cremation. Lakewood offers a dedicated space in the lower level of our Memorial Chapel that includes a licensed crematory with an adjacent viewing and sitting room for intimate ceremonies.

Although we cannot directly receive the body after death, we can work closely with local funeral directors to ensure that the cremation happens at Lakewood.

Things to Consider

Choosing cremation can seem like a simple choice, but there are decisions to make. As the popularity of cremation has increased, crematory and funeral home laws have evolved and your choices for places of remembrance have expanded. We can help guide you through the process. Read our FAQs below, or simply give us a call at (612)822-2171.

Can I arrange for cremation directly with Lakewood?

While we can help facilitate the process, Minnesota law requires that services such as transporting the body of a deceased person, filing legal paperwork and removal of certain devices (such as pacemakers) must be handled by a licensed funeral director working for a licensed funeral establishment. Lakewood is licensed as a crematory and a cemetery, but not as a funeral establishment. Because of this, we work closely with local funeral directors to make these arrangements.

Can you recommend a funeral home?

We have relationships with many local funeral homes. However, we do not affiliate with a specific funeral home or have preferred funeral directors. Any funeral director is welcome to work with us to coordinate a cremation at Lakewood.

Can I pre-plan for the use of Lakewood’s crematory?

Yes, your funeral director can help you make arrangements to ensure a loved one’s body is brought to Lakewood for cremation.

Can my family and friends witness the cremation?

Yes, Lakewood’s crematory has a comfortable viewing area if you or your family want to witness the start of the cremation and have final moments together. (Note that there are limitations on the number of attendees due to the size of the space.)

How much will this cost?

Unfortunately that’s difficult to predict without knowing what types of arrangements you plan to make. You can review our Price List as a guide, or reach out to us and we can help you make decisions that meet your needs and fit your budget.

Explore all the ways and places to be remembered

Lakewood’s extraordinary grounds offer numerous unique spaces for the safekeeping of cremated remains, ensuring that there is always a place for loved ones to visit and return to.

Garden Mausoleum

Lakewood's award-winning Garden Mausoleum is a contemporary architectural masterpiece that offers a variety of elegant memorialization options, both indoors and out.

Memorial Chapel

The breathtaking Memorial Chapel at Lakewood is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and serves as the architectural focal point of the cemetery.

Memorial Mausoleum

Lakewood’s Memorial Mausoleum is a comfortable, indoor option for year-round visiting, with a variety of memorialization possibilities.

Memorial Columbarium Wall

The Memorial Columbarium Wall is nestled in the hillside along the northern boundary of the cemetery with a beautiful view to lake Bde Maka Ska.

Garden of Serenity

The Garden of Serenity is a green space adjacent to Jo Pond that appeals to those who appreciate the natural beauty of a garden setting.

Garden of Remembrance

The Garden of Remembrance is nestled in the beautiful hillside on the eastern side of the cemetery overlooking King’s Highway.

Traditional Burial Lots

Cremated remains may be placed most anywhere on our vast grounds. This is an option if you or your family already owns property or desires a location in the cemetery reserved for traditional burial.
View of a grassy cemetary with ground markers

Urns and Vaults

Urns are the traditional way to store cremated remains and the design of these vessels gets ever more varied and creative. Vaults are the containers that protect urns when they are buried in the ground. Lakewood offers both urns and vaults in a variety of styles and prices.

We encourage you to give us a call to learn more about your options for urns and vaults at Lakewood, (612) 822-2171.

Memorial Experiences

Whether you choose cremation or a traditional burial, Lakewood offers many ways to customize your memorial experience.

Did you know we can place a bouquet of fresh flowers on your loved one’s grave?

Learn more about our flower services
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