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The benefits of planning ahead

Death is a certainty for us all. But when it will happen we rarely know. By thinking and planning in advance, you can make more meaningful choices.

  • You can be remembered the way you want to be.
  • You can include loved ones in the process.
  • You know exactly what things will cost and can pay over time.

Planning ahead really boils down to having conversations before you’re forced to and getting clarity on your values, priorities and wishes while there’s still time to thoughtfully plan and choose.

More ease for your loved ones

Most of us are not prepared to deal with the grief, indecision, change and costs of a loved one’s death. Making decisions about memorial property or cremation in advance helps spare your family from having to make these decisions when their lives are complicated by grief. It takes a huge responsibility off their plate.

More creativity and control for you

By thinking about what you want and arranging (and even paying for it) ahead of time, you can be more intentional about what happens and ensure that you’ll be remembered in a way that feels right to you.

Couple at the Memorial Tree

Explore the possibilities

In the past, decisions and options were limited. Today, there are so many more possibilities, especially at Lakewood. While planning checklists and seminars can be helpful, we find that a personal conversation with one of our Family Services advisors can give you ideas—and help you get many key questions answered in a supportive, no-pressure way.

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We’re here to help

Our Family Services team is a group of caring people who spend their days listening to families and trying to help them figure out what’s best for them. Whether you are curious and looking for information or ready to make some decisions, we’re here.

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Deciding between Cremation and Burial

Most people have a sense of whether they prefer to be cremated or buried, but if you aren’t sure, we can talk you through some points to consider.

Explore all the ways and places to be remembered

Lakewood’s extraordinary grounds offer spaces for the safekeeping of cremated remains, ensuring that there is always a place for loved ones to visit and return to.

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Memorial Experiences

Whether you choose cremation or a traditional burial, Lakewood offers ways to customize your memorial experience.

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