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Woman tying a memorial ribbon on a tree

The Living Memory Tree is a vibrant addition to the Lakewood landscape and offers a new way for families to honor the memory of a loved one and express their sentiments in a creative, collective way. Located between the Administration Building and the Garden Mausoleum, the Living Memory Tree is a Japanese Lilac festooned in ribbons that contain heartfelt messages of remembrance and love.

Adding a ribbon to the tree is free and open to everyone, whether you have a loved one at Lakewood or not. The Living Memory Tree is also available for private, small group memorial experiences in conjunction with a cremation or burial at Lakewood.

Choose ribbons in colors that are personally meaningful. Begin the ceremony with a special reading or a prayer. Allow each member in your group to contribute their own message. It is a beautiful way to deepen and personalize the experience.

Ribbons are available in the main office (the first building you see when you enter the front gates). They will also be available at some of our community events during the year, such as on Memorial Day.

Living Memory Tree Map

Memorial Experiences

Whether you choose cremation or a traditional burial, Lakewood offers many ways to customize your memorial experience.

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