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Our new Welcome Center is now open for serving families and visitors!

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Lantern Lighting Ceremony

There are many private ways to honor loved ones who have passed. But we also need collective ways to acknowledge loss and grief and life itself.

Lakewood’s annual Lantern Lighting Celebration is an opportunity to gather with family, friends and others on Lakewood’s lovely grounds for a moving and meaningful experience.

Lantern Lighting Ceremony
Lantern Lighting Ceremony

Participants decorate a floating lantern in memory of a loved one with words of love and remembrance (using art supplies provided). At dusk, everyone lights their lanterns and releases them onto Jo Pond in a beautiful ceremony. The effect is breathtaking and magical — connecting us to our loved ones and to each other. It’s a unique evening of creativity, beauty and remembrance.

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Memorial Experiences

Whether you choose cremation or a traditional burial, Lakewood offers many ways to customize your memorial experience.

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