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Wellstone Section 1

Famous Memorials

There are so many people, events and organizations represented at Lakewood that have made a difference in the Minneapolis community. Some are known locally, while others are nationally recognized. Here are just a few of the individuals who are laid to rest at Lakewood. To learn more about people at Lakewood, follow along on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Political Leaders

  • Hubert H. Humphrey – Minneapolis mayor, U.S. Senator and Vice President of the United States
  • Lena Olive Smith (1885-1966) – civil rights advocate and first Black woman licensed to practice law in Minnesota
  • Abram M. Fridley (1817-1888) – Minnesota State Representative; Fridley, Minnesota, is named in his honor
  • Emily O. and Ralph Goodrich Grey (1834-1916, 1830-1904) early Black pioneers on the Minnesota frontier
  • Dr. B. Robert Lewis (1931-1979) – Minnesota’s first black state senator
  • John Lind (1854-1930) – Minnesota governor
  • Charlotte Van Cleve (1819-1907) early women’s suffrage leader and the first woman elected to the Minneapolis school board
  • Floyd B. Olson (1891 – 1936)– Minnesota’s first Farmer-Labor governor
  • Clara Ueland (1860-1927) – prominent women’s suffragist
  • Rudy Perpich (1928-1995) – longest serving governor of Minnesota
  • John S. Pillsbury (1827-1901) – Minnesota governor
  • Orville L. Freeman (1918 – 2003) – popular Minnesota governor, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture (1961-1969)
  • Paul Wellstone (1944-2002) – popular U.S. Senator from 1991 until his death in 2002

Business and Community Leaders and Influencers

  • Dr. Robert S. Brown (1863 – 1927) – first Black physician licensed to practice in Minneapolis
  • Curt Carlson (1914-1999) – founder of the Carlson Companies and Gold Bond Stamps
  • William and Kate Dunwoody (1841-1914) – left millions of dollars to found the industrial trade school, Dunwoody Institute (William), philanthropist who built housing for single working women (Kate)
  • Franklin C. Mars (1884-1934) – creator of the Milky Way candy bar
  • Archie and Phebe Givens (1919-1974, 1922-2015) prominent Minneapolis entrepreneurs and philanthropists
  • T.B. and Harriet Walker (1840-1928) – founded the Walker Art Museum (T.B.), philanthropist who co-founded the Sisters of Bethany (Harriet)
  • Cecil Newman (1903-1976) civil rights leader and founder of an influential local Black newspaper
  • Theodore Wirth (1863-1949) – an internationally recognized horticulturist and park developer
  • A. B. Cassius (1907-1983) interracial union organizer and owner of multiple influential Minneapolis restaurants and entertainment centers
  • Dr. Reuben Youngdahl – minister who grew Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church to be the largest Lutheran church in the United States

Artists, Inventors, Entertainers, and Sports Heroes

  • Beatrice Ohanessian (1927-2008) – Iraq’s first woman concert pianist and classical composer
  • Cedric Adams (1902-1961) – Minnesota journalist and on-air radio personality
  • Bill Goldsworthy (1944-1996) – original member of Minnesota North Stars, known for his “Goldy shuffle”
  • Bobby Marshall (1880-1958) – multisport athlete from Minneapolis who was the first Black football player to play in the Western Conference (now Big Ten)
  • Leslie C. Kouba – wildlife painter
  • Johann Emil Oberhoffer (1867-1933) – violinist and composer, conducted local and national symphony orchestras
  • Frances Cranmer Greenman (1890-1981) – painter, critic, and writer
  • Tiny Tim (1932-1996) – famous and beloved entertainer
  • Robert Menzie McAlmon – 1920s-30s publisher, writer, and poet in New York and Paris. He was a publisher and friend to Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, and James Joyce.
  • Harry Wild Jones (1859-1935) – architect famous for many Minneapolis designs, including Lakewood’s chapel
  • Richard G. Drew (1899-1980) – inventor of Scotch Tape

Special Sections and Monuments

  • Brotherhood of Paternal Order of Elks – bronze elk commissioned in 1900
  • Showman’s Rest – Circus performers
  • Chinese Community Memorial – marked by a pagoda sculpture
  • Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Monument – donated by Lakewood in 1889 to honor Civil War veterans
  • Soldiers Memorial – honors Minnesota’s veterans of the Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War I
  • Minneapolis Fire Department Relief Association – a fireman in the square-billed cap and dress uniform of 1892 stands atop of this monument
  • Washburn “A” Mill Explosion Memorial Obelisk – lists the names of the 18 men killed in the worst milling disaster in Minneapolis history in 1878

To go deeper, take a self-guided walking tour that takes you through 150 years of history, including the graves of many of Lakewood’s founders, popular politicians, memorials to community groups and more.

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