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Thomas Barlow Walker
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Thomas Barlow Walker

2/1/1840 – 7/28/1928


8/1/1928 (Buried)


Grounds | Section 46 | Lot A | Grave 31
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Thomas Barlow Walker (February 1, 1840–July 28, 1928) was a highly successful American businessperson who acquired timber in Minnesota and California and became an art collector. Walker founded the Minneapolis Public Library. He was among the 10 wealthiest men in the world in 1923. He built two company towns, one of which his son sold to become part of what is today known as Sunkist. He is the founder and namesake of the Walker Art Center. Walker married his college classmate and boss's daughter Harriet Granger Hulet in 1863.[4] They had eight children and lived in Minneapolis. Their children were Gilbert M. (1864–1928), Julia A. (1865?–1952?), Leon B. (1868–1887), Harriet (1870–1904), Fletcher L. (1872–1962), Willis J. (1873–1943), Clinton L. (1875–1944), and Archie D. (1882–1971).[3] The Walkers celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1913.

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