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Woman tying a memorial ribbon on a tree

Memorial Experiences

When you lose someone you love, honoring their memory is vitally important—both at the time of loss, and for generations to come.

At Lakewood, we help you create meaningful tributes to grieve the loss and extend the memory and connection. Beyond permanent memorials like monuments or markers, we specialize in memorial experiences—ranging from intimate family ceremonies to moving community gatherings. Whether you seek quiet reflection, reverent rituals or coming together with others, there’s something for you at Lakewood.

Make it memorable

Whether you choose cremation or burial, we invite you to consider ways to make the experience even more meaningful.

Graveside Services

Lakewood’s serene landscape is a beautiful backdrop for services. We welcome graveside gatherings based on current social distancing guidelines.
Memorial Chapel interior

Chapel Services

Our extraordinary historic chapel is a beautiful place for a memorial ceremony or gathering.

Living Memory Tree

Our Living Memory Tree holds hundreds of messages of love and remembrance on a colorful sea of ribbons. We invite you to incorporate a ceremony of placing ribbons in connection with a cremation or burial experience.

Lantern Lighting Ceremony

Lakewood offers families the opportunity to decorate a lantern in memory of a loved one, light the candle within and float it on our lake at dusk. This beautiful ceremony offers a literal and symbolic release.

Do you have questions? Need information? Would you like to sit down and talk? Our caring and attentive Family Services team is always here to help. (612) 822-2171 | email us

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