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Our new Welcome Center is now open for serving families and visitors!

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Memorial Mausoleum

Completed in 1967, the Memorial Mausoleum and Columbarium is a Modernist style structure designed by Detroit architects Harley, Ellington, Cowan & Stirton using a blend of enduring Minnesota granite, bronze and steel.

Its interior is a comfortable combination of warm wood paneling and tasteful furnishings, including Italian marble, crystal chandeliers, mosaics, and 24 eight-foot-high stained glass windows which illustrate Biblical verses and secular poetry.

Memorialization Options

Choosing how and where you would like to be memorialized is a very personal decision. The Memorial Mausoleum offers numerous options in an elegant setting.

If someone has chosen cremation

Urns containing cremated remains are placed in “niches.” Within the Memorial Mausoleum, there are various rooms (called columbariums) with individual and family niches.

If someone has chosen a casket

The Memorial Mausoleum offers indoor crypts in corridors or semi-private alcoves for above-ground casket entombments. Crypts include a marble or granite cover for engraving the name and dates of the individual being remembered.

If there are no remains

If your loved one chose to have their ashes scattered or kept elsewhere in an urn, you can still mark their life and memorialize them in the Memorial Mausoleum — on a leaf on the Tree of Remembrance. The Tree of Remembrance features plaques with the names and dates of those whose remains were cremated and scattered—allowing you to have your loved ones “present” regardless of where their remains happen to be.

Do you have questions? Would you like to explore your options within Lakewood’s elegant Memorial Mausoleum?
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