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Garden Mausoleum

Completed in 2012, Lakewood’s Garden Mausoleum is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture and an exquisite work of art. It was designed by HGA Architects to instill a sense of peace and calm and create an environment conducive to contemplation and healing through three distinct elements:

  • abundant natural light, evoking a sense of spirituality, warmth and comfort.
  • beauty and craftsmanship—evident from the moment you enter.
  • a close connection to Lakewood’s greatest asset—the landscape.

Memorialization Options

Choosing how and where you would like to be memorialized is a very personal decision. The serene Garden Mausoleum offers numerous options both inside and outside the building.

If someone has chosen cremation

Urns containing cremated remains are placed in “niches.” Within the Garden Mausoleum, there are various rooms (called columbariums) with different views and color palettes that contain niches. Niches are also located outdoors in a courtyard overlooking the reflecting pool.

All niche spaces have room for two or more cremation urns and include a marble or granite cover for engraving the essential details of a life well lived.

If someone has chosen a casket

If you choose a casket and prefer not to be buried in the earth, the Garden Mausoleum has indoor and outdoor spaces called “crypts” for above-ground entombments. Crypts include a marble or granite cover for engraving the name and dates of the individual being remembered.

If there are no remains

If your loved one chose to have their ashes scattered or kept elsewhere in an urn, you can still mark their life and memorialize them at Lakewood—with a marble plaque on the Memorial Wall. This allows you to have your loved ones “present,” regardless of where their remains happen to be.

Receptions, Services and Gatherings

Inside, the Garden Mausoleum offers a chapel for funeral and committal services and a reception room for gatherings, including a catering kitchen. The reception area features a veranda with views of the garden. Contact us for more information about availability and guidelines.

Do you have questions? Would you like to explore your options within Lakewood’s stunning Garden Mausoleum? Our friendly and attentive team is always here to help.
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