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Learn at Lakewood

Food and Grief: What Is Your Grief Craving?

June 8 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Lakewood Cemetery
$20 in advance / $30 at the door
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Join Lakewood for an afternoon picnic, sharing memories and stories of the many ways that cooking and eating connects us to those we have lost.

When you think of your family’s go-to recipes in times of grief, what flavors, smells, and memories surround you? How many hands in your family have used a single recipe to ease heartbreak and cultivate warmth and love? In this inviting and intimate gathering, we are asking, what does your grief crave? A familiar taste? Maybe a peach cobbler, a ripe juicy mango, peak summer corn, a comforting casserole, handmade tortillas and slow stewed beans? Food memories can bring us directly into our memories of care and connection, allowing us to feed and nourish our grief.

Gather with us for a nourishing exploration of the food memories that shaped our hearts, and discover what our grief craves for comfort and healing. Summer desserts will be provided from Lutunji’s Palate Bakery and Cafe.

We will eat dessert, share stories with each other, build a community kitchen altar, and partake in a reflective journaling activity. Bring your- picnic blankets, lounging chair and any additional snacks and drinks for yourself. Families welcome.

Community Kitchen Altar

As part of this offering, we will build a community kitchen altar to honor and remember loved ones as we share stories and memories. We encourage you to get creative with what you bring. Beyond food items you could consider a special platter or vessel, a clipping from a garden, a handwritten recipe or anything else that reminds you of someone who is loved and missed.

What to bring

  • An item for the community kitchen altar that holds special meaning, such as a small kitchen object, a recipe, a small food item, or anything you associate with a loved one.. You may take your item home with you.
  • Picnic blankets or lounge chairs.
  • Any additional snacks or drinks for yourself. (Alcohol is not permitted on Lakewood’s grounds.)

About Marigolde

Marigolde is a grief wellness platform rooted in storytelling, culture, and rituals. Co-Founders Roshni Kavate and Rebecca Servoss are nurses, grief experts, and avid home cooks. They are the hosts of the podcast Mango and Gnocchi: What is your grief craving? They curate immersive experiences and create educational experiences to promote a grief positive culture.

Meet the Hosts

Rebecca Servoss is a Board Certified Holistic Nurse Coach and Certified Neonatal Nurse. Rebecca is profoundly committed to supporting people as they traverse birth, death, and loss. Through her work as Co-Founder of  Marigolde and as co-chair of the bereavement team at University of New Mexico Hospital, she ensures that her patients and clients are met with a compassionate, multifaceted framework that centers equity and safety. Rebecca is the author of Navigating the NICU: A Self Care Guide for Parents.

Roshni Kavate is an artist, palliative nurse, grief educator and home cook. Roshni Kavate is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Marigolde. She believes grief is a portal to wholeness. The question that guides her is, what is our grief craving? and how can we nourish and feed it? She has recently published a community cookbook; Mending a Broken Heart, a poetry anthology; Wildling and Sprout, and Journaling for Grief: a Sensorial Grief Journal.

Learn @ Lakewood Series

This event is part of the Learn @ Lakewood series. Lakewood is honored to hold space for education and information specifically related to death, grief, urban nature, and art in this new series. Partnering with professionals from many disciplines, we explore ideas, encourage thought-provoking conversations, and exchange fresh perspectives with our community.


At Lakewood, we want death and grief education to be accessible for all. Therefore, we offer up to 10 scholarships for anyone who wants to attend this event but cannot afford to. We also hold 5 spots for professionals or aspiring professionals in the death and dying field (deathcare, death education, spiritualists, ritualists, and more are encouraged to apply) with priority being given to BIPOC or underrepresented individuals.

Scholarship recipients will be awarded 1 ticket to the event at no cost.

To apply or learn more about the scholarship, please email

Parking and Transportation

Driving Directions

Parking is available on any of the roads inside Lakewood’s gates unless otherwise noted with a no parking sign. Handicap parking will be available near the event. Lakewood does not have an onsite parking lot – it is street parking only. This means you may have to park a short distance away and walk. We strongly encourage carpooling and public transportation.

Bus Directions

Metro Transit lines 6 and 23 stop directly outside of Lakewood’s gates, a short walk to the any of Lakewood’s buildings.

Bike Directions

Please lock bikes at the rack near the main entrance gates and walk to the event. Do not lock bikes to trees or signs, leave bicycles unlocked on the grounds., or leave shared bikes or scooters overnight.


Is there a minimum age requirement to participate?

No, all ages are welcome. Children under 12 can attend for free.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, printed tickets are not required. We will have a guest list at the door.

What's the refund policy?

Refunds can be issued up to 24 hours before the event starts. Request a refund through Eventbrite or by emailing

What is the rain or inclement weather plan?

In the event of rain, extreme heat, or other inclement weather the event will move indoors into the Welcome Center.

How can I contact the organizer with questions?

We’d love to hear from you! Email us at or call 612-540-5165.

Photography notice: To help us promote Lakewood and our events and offerings, guests may be photographed. By attending, you consent to appear in this documentation and its future use by Lakewood. We do our best to select photos without recognizable faces. If you prefer not to be photographed, please let staff know upon arrival.


Call the Lakewood events line at 612-540-5165 or email

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