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Midsummer Memory Mandalas Bring People Together in Community

Pictures simply can’t do justice to the beauty and creativity of earth artist Day Schildkret’s nature mandalas. For the full impact of the colors, patterns, textures and scale you need to see this awe-inspiring work in person.   

On Saturday, July 29, Lakewood will host a special art installation of Day’s imaginative, hands-on practice of impermanent art. Day’s therapeutic nature art helps people move through loss and grief back into life, inspiration and meaning. To create each piece Day forages leaves, rocks, pinecones, flowers, berries and more from Lakewood’s grounds and surrounding areas. 

Last year, Kate Wolfe, Outreach Director of the Minnesota Death Collaborative, a group that supports individuals and their families at the end of life, attended Lakewood’s Midsummer Memory Mandalas event. “I had the opportunity to witness the incredible wisdom Day brings to a community setting. My sister had passed unexpectedly, so when I saw Day was going to present in person, I felt drawn to attend.” 

Kate found the experience of being in the midst of both nature and community to be life changing. She explained that she was able to pause and witness the world around her and that she felt invited into the artwork which was produced individually but infused with the intentions of the community. I hold gratitude for Day, the staff and volunteers of Lakewood, my fellow attendees and for the incredible nature space that all of this was hosted in. Thank you!” 

Minneapolis based mosaic artist, Stacia Goodman who attended one of the Midsummer Memory Mandalas’ Sunday hands-on workshops last year, found the history, significance and the beauty of Lakewood, a stunning venue to create art. “In my own work, I spend time studying the effect of patterns. The mesmerizing, repetitive order within nature whether simple or complex helps me follow a path to quiet and calm. Discovering that Day shares that passion for nature’s wonder and for creating art that invites contemplation and remembrance was inspiring to the mandala that Stacia created.   

To learn more, read our recent blog about the seven steps Day uses to transform grief into beauty, inspiration and meaning.

Then, join us at Lakewood for our popular Midsummer Memory Mandalas event on July 29 and 30. The public art installation on Saturday, July 29 is free and open to the public. Tickets for the hands-on, small group mandala making workshops with Day on Sunday, July 30 are available here.    

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