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Kristine’s story

The “Kraft Shaft” on my family’s burial plot overlooks Jo Pond and is near where the streetcar runs. It’s a beautiful, peaceful area to visit. I also find it interesting to visit the grave of Swan Turnblad, who was the original owner of the castle that is now the American Swedish Institute. Years ago, I decided to document the gravesites of all my relatives in Twin Cities and Lake Lillian cemeteries. My mom, Theresa, helped me locate the gravesites and document details about the people and who they were in life. When I first successfully located and documented my family’s gravesites at Lakewood was a positive moment in that project. (I talked about Charles, Lena and Theresa above, but I have a lot of other family members buried at Lakewood too.) Today, I tend to the gravestones of my relatives, to carry on the legacy from my Great Aunt Margaret. She and I enjoy visiting cemeteries and doing this work to remember our relatives. I always leave a dozen pink or yellow roses for my mom.

The image is of the “Kraft Shaft” monument with Charles and Lena’s graves in the foreground and Theresa’s in the background with the flowers.


Julia Gillis

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