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Etiquette When Visiting Lakewood

Lakewood is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit year-round. It may feel like a park when you are visiting, but please remember that it is a sacred burial ground. We ask that you respect and follow our rules and regulations when visiting the cemetery.

Visitors enjoying Lakewood under trees in the Fall

Exploring the Grounds

Lakewood is an oasis of peace and serenity in the midst of the city. Many unique plant species grow here and many animals take refuge. Please do not feed or disturb birds, deer or other wildlife you may encounter. It probably goes without saying, but fishing, hunting or trapping wildlife is strictly prohibited, as is picking flowers or removing plants, shrubs or trees.

Visiting a Gravesite

  • DO dress appropriately, with shirt and shoes.
  • DO bring children, as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Please DON’T bring animals or pets unless they are service animals.
  • DO bring fresh cut flowers or natural wreaths to decorate a grave—or purchase them from Lakewood. Refer to our decoration policy (below) for more information.
  • DO make your way carefully to the gravesite, minding other graves and markers. Please DON’T let children play or climb on monuments.
Wildlife at Lakewood


We welcome you to take personal pictures at Lakewood, whether you are visiting the grounds or are here for a funeral or event. Please be sensitive and respectful. If you are a commercial or professional photographer and wish to take pictures, please contact us for written consent.

Decoration Policy

Lakewood is committed to preserving the beauty and integrity of our grounds in perpetuity, and we ensure this with a seasoned team of groundskeepers and caretakers and policies designed to maintain Lakewood’s aesthetic appeal.

Outdoor Graves

  • Fresh floral bouquets in approved vases are permitted any time.
  • For the safety of all visitors, glass jars and other breakable containers are not allowed.
  • Potted plants are permitted on Memorial Day only and will be removed four days later (in order to mow the lawns).
  • From November 1 until January 1, real evergreen wreaths are permitted. Following this date, wreaths will be subject to removal.

For your convenience, you may purchase fresh flowers, potted plants and wreaths from Lakewood. Visit greenhouse services for more information.

Inside a Mausoleum or Columbarium

All decorations must be displayed on the stands or tables provided. Please do not place items on the marble floors or carpet or attach them to walls.

What is Not Permitted

Artificial plants, dried flowers, house plants, ornaments, fences, planter boxes, balloons, glass jars, spinners, statues, stones, or similar items. These items can damage landscape equipment and/or detract from the natural beauty of Lakewood that is meant for everyone to enjoy.

Removal Policy

We have a responsibility to maintain the cemetery for the benefit of everyone. If you choose to leave a decoration that is not permitted, deemed inappropriate or has deteriorated, it may be removed and discarded without notice.

Need more information?
Email us or call (612) 822-2171.

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