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Cemetery Stroll: Lakewood’s Private Mausoleums

Click to download a printable version, OR access the mobile-friendly PDF

The outdoors can be a peaceful respite from the stress of these difficult times. To do our part to protect everyone’s safety, we have closed all of our buildings, but our gates remain open each day for visiting and walking the grounds. With over 250 acres and over 11 miles of roads, Lakewood is happy to provide a safe place to walk—with plenty of room for social distancing.

We are excited to release this Private Mausoleums Cemetery Stroll—a self-guided walk that shares the history and artistry of some of Lakewood’s remarkable private family mausoleums (above-ground memorial buildings). Along the way you’ll see some of the finest examples of funerary architecture in the country, and learn a bit about the Minnesotans entombed in these grand sepulchers.

You can print off this Cemetery Stroll at home and bring it with you to Lakewood, or you can follow along right on your smartphone!

Click to download a printable version, OR access the mobile-friendly PDF

As you stroll, please kindly keep a few things in mind:

  • Lakewood is an active place of remembrance where families mourn loved ones—some recently lost. For this reason, we ask that you limit your activities while here to visiting, walking, quiet reflection and exploring the beautiful scenery and art. Please be mindful and respectful of other families’ graves and private graveside services.
  • Please leave pets and food at home, and avoid recreational activities.
  • Please observe at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others. Remember that you can respectfully walk over the lawn.
  • You may park anywhere on the cemetery roads. Just be sure your vehicle won’t interfere with traffic.
  • Please do not visit the grounds if you feel unwell. Everyone, regardless of symptoms, should wear a mask in public, in accordance with CDC recommendations.
  • All of our buildings are temporarily closed to the public, so there is no bathroom or drinking fountain access. Please plan ahead.

Thank you, and enjoy your stroll!

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