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150 Trees for 150 Years: Help Restore Our Urban Forest


There are few things more dramatic and spectacular than a forest in full fall glory. And few things more heartbreaking than witnessing the removal of hundreds of majestic trees.

It’s a loss that’s felt by all who visit Lakewood.

Since 1871, the beautiful green spaces at Lakewood have provided a respite in the city — a habitat for birds and other wildlife and a quiet place for our community to honor, remember and reflect. Yet in recent years this lush landscape has been dramatically altered when more than 700 mature ash trees were lost to the emerald ash borer, one of the most destructive forest insects ever to invade the U.S.

In honor of 150 years of service, the Lakewood Heritage Foundation is raising funds to help plant 150 new trees. Your gift will help us replace the lost ash with a more resilient, biodiverse tree canopy. Our master plan calls for the addition of more than 25 types of trees over the next few years.

Your contribution means so much. Any amount will help!

We invite you to be a part of this important 150th anniversary effort to replace lost trees and plant a diverse new canopy — for the benefit of the entire community.

Give online or send your gift to the Lakewood Heritage Foundation, 3600 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55408.

Thank you!

The Lakewood Heritage Foundation raises funds for projects and programs that enhance and expand what Lakewood can offer to the community. Learn more

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